Common New/Re-Roofing Questions

How much will a new roof cost?
The cost for a new roof can vary based on the materials selected, amount of prep work needed, and the various features of your home's roof. We invite you to contact us for a free estimate with up-to-date product information and costs.

How long will it take to install my new roof?

Most often, a roof can be completely installed in a matter of a few days. However, more time may be needed depending on the size of the roof, amount of preparation needed for the new roof, and to correct any concealed damage under the old roof material. Link's Contracting, Inc will keep you informed on the progress of your project and will advise you of any forseeable delays.

What are the various parts of a roof?

How long will it take before you can start work on my roof?

Our schedule can vary based on demand and other factors. Please call us to get an estimated start date.

How will you protect my yard and property?

When possible, we prefer to perform tear-off of the old roofing material directly into a dumpster or truck to minimize the handling and risks of stray nails and other debris. We also use tarps to protect landscaping, and when the project is done, we will pick up any loose nails or other debris with a roller magnet.

Does having a leak mean my entire roof will need to be replaced?

Not Necessarily. You may simply need a repair in the spot where the leak is. We do recommend having your entire roof inspected for other possible damage.

What are some common signs of a failing roof?

Common signs of a failing roof include:

Should I replace my gutters at the same time as my roof?

We recommend gutter replacement at the same time to both improve the coordination between material colors, as well as to update the gutter material. New gutter materials are better designed to resist fading and/or corrosion.

Is it possible to shingle over the existing roof material instead of tearing it off?

It is possible to install new roof materials over the existing layer, but this is not recommended. Any bumps or valleys that are in the existing material will show through the new material. In addition, by not removing the existing roof material, we are unable to inspect the roof deck for hidden damage. This may result in having to remove both layers of roofing should a problem surface later on.